Mystery Shopping: What It Is and How to Become a Shopper

Mystery shopping is something that companies use to evaluate their systems, service, products, and more. There are several companies that hire people as mystery shoppers and anyone can apply. These companies are often asset management or auditing companies like Asset Protection Associates. However, each company will be looking for certain characteristics or requirements in their shoppers. Applying for a mystery shopping job is quite easy, but there is no guarantee that you will be successful. Here is how you can become a mystery shopper.

1. Do research on companies who hire mystery shoppers. It is important to have a list of companies as there are several and you will have to apply to more than one. It is also important so you can avoid getting caught up in a scam. When you research a company and want to apply, make sure that the company does not require you to make a payment first. That is a big warning sign. A legitimate company will never ask you to pay them money to get the job.

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2. Apply to a few companies. The basic process involves you choosing the jobs or shops you accept. However, working for just one company may seriously diminish your chances of actually making a profit with this. Few people make enough money as full-time mystery shoppers and it is better to start off doing this as a side income.

3. Follow instructions to the letter. Every job you take on will have specific requirements and specifications. Make sure that you stick to these and don’t compromise the job. You will often have to buy something or be rude or things like that. Be ready to spend the money and also be willing to do some acting.

4. Have good writing skills. For every job, you will have to complete a survey or report in which you will have to write about your experience and the specific things you were asked to look at. Make sure that you write well with good grammar and good use of language. If you can’t write well, they will probably not give you more work.

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5. Be timely and thorough. The companies you will work for will have deadlines and will need your feedback within a given timeframe. It is very important that you stick to that timeframe and let them know if there is a problem or if you need an extension. Always be thorough when giving your feedback and make sure that you can answer all the questions or give information about all the areas they want.

Applying to become a mystery shopper is quite simple. You should start with proper research and find out as much as you can. Preparation and planning is the key to success here.

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