Charity Events

charity - Charity Events

Asset Protection Associates are very serious about helping to change the world. They are part of several charity events and also organize their own charity events. These events raise funds and awareness for different causes including orphaned children, animal rescue, cancer, and more.

Most of the events listed below are open to the public and tickets can be bought online at the event websites of telephonically. You can contact Asset Protection Associates for more information on tickets and pricing at

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Children Cancer Fund Fun Day

5th – 9 AM @ Texas Hotel and Conference Center

Come have a fancy day of fun in support of the cancer fund for children. These guys have the biggest hearts and the kids are truly amazing. Every year, some of the kids also attend the event and show off their singing, dancing, and other talents. Art by the children will be on sale to raise funds for this great organization.


Picnic for City Orphans

14th – 10 AM @ Bastrop Park

Come and have some fun with the children and adolescents from different orphanages in Texas. Bring your picnic basket and some yummy extras to share and play games with the kids for a few hours. These kids love getting out and being loved. Your presence and support will mean the world to the kids.


Christmas in November

10th to 17th – Texas Hotel and Conference Center and Local Libraries

This is a week during which Asset Protection Associates help to gather Christmas gifts for orphans across Texas. People can drop off gifts at different locations to be collected on November 18th.