5 Sales Coaching Methods You’ll Surely Love

A sales agent’s goal is to increase the number of sales for his product every month. If the agent fails to meet the demand for himself and to the company, his method might be ineffective. His selling approach might be intimidating for the buyers that Instead of attracting them, the agent is pushing them away. That’s a bad thing to hear.

More than ever, as a sales agent you need to change your methods. And, it’s not just about you, but for your whole team as well. This is the time to get a sales coach program.

Sales coaching method is effective in all cases because it doesn’t only look on the quality of selling rather it changes the mindset of the agent. It means, you no longer just think of “sell, sell and sell” after the coaching, you’ll have a different view on what it means to be a salesperson.

Don’t be monotonous in your coaching style

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1. Use Salesperson’s Stats

Data in sales approach is your best friend. Don’t underestimate the power of numbers in front of you, it either tells you to stop or go on.

For sales agent, data is the fuel of their work. A single drop in the data sheet, is either a good sign or a bad sign. And, if the agent fails to look at that, it would cost him his job or company. Using the data at hand, it will improve the presentation of the agent. Those data will guide the agent where to go next.

As for the company, sales stats are the best way to determine whether the agent needs help or not.

2. Use Multiple Coaching Styles

Don’t be monotonous in your coaching style. Use different approach, this will encourage all your reps to do better. Styles like creating a big picture guidance, tactical coaching, and skills coaching are the best strategy you can give to your agents.

3. Aks them What They Think

Your agents are sometimes or almost all the time are the best source of quantity report. Ask them what they think about the method or get their ideas. Let the team share their thoughts so that everyone is participating. This way you’ll end up gaining positive results in the next sales report.

4. Make them Evaluate their Performance

A good sales team practice is to let each agent evaluate their performance. Let them talk about their weekly performance and let them realize their weaknesses and strengths. The other listening agents can also learn from each other’s experience.

This type of coaching allows everyone to see where they are taking the company because of their performance. And, at the end of the day, they will come up with a strategy that will benefit their individual needs and the company.

5. Maximize Internal and External Resources

Upon dealing with your agent’s performance, collection of data and reports, getting their insights and so on, you are already maximizing the internal resources. You can easily coach the team based on their reports.

However, you can also hire a third party coaching team. They can help you with leadership trainings, consultations and other sales improvement methods.

dealing with your agent's performance

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